How To Invest

How To Invest

Product Disclosure Statement

Before deciding to invest with Concise Asset Management, please view our Product Disclosure Statement.

Product Disclosure Statement July 2017.
This PDS includes the Foreign Account Tax Compliance (FACTA) & Common Reporting Standards (CRS) Self Certification Form.
Download PDS
FATCA Self-certification Declaration Download FACTA Declaration

The FATCA Self-certification Declaration must be completed in conjunction with the PDS application form.

For additional Application or Redemption forms please visit

The Concise Mid Cap Fund can also be accessed via the following platforms:

  1. MLC Wrap
  2. MLC Navigator
  3. BT Wrap
  4. Asgard
  5. BT Panorama

Link Fund Solutions

LINK Fund Solutions is the Fund Administrator of the Concise Mid Cap Fund

Unitholder Services
PO Box 5482

Sydney NSW 2001

Phone: +61 2 9547 4311


You acknowledge that any personal information you provide to us will be collected and handled in accordance with LINK Fund Solutions privacy policy, a copy of which can be found at or posted / emailed to you if you contact LINK Fund Solutions on +61 (02) 9547 4311 or By submitting this form or any other paperwork relating to your investment you consent to your personal information being collected and handled by the unit registry in accordance with that policy.